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As Michigan Braces for Medicaid Reform and Estate Recovery, Florida Lawyers say Seniors May Be Dumped from Nursing Home Facilities Under New Medicaid Reform Law

As Michigan braces for Medicaid Reform and Estate Recovery, Florida lawyers say seniors may be “dumped” from nursing home facilities under new Medicaid reform law that rewards health plans for cutting numbers of seniors in nursing homes (see full story below).    Currently here in Michigan our middle class senior citizens are also under attack from …

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Elder Law Attorneys and Medicaid Attorneys Adjust Estate Planning Strategies for Implementation of Estate Recovery in Michigan

Michigan is facing the implementation of Estate Recovery on July 1st and while estate planning and Medicaid planning attorneys adjust to the new planning strategies involved in these changes, Senator Roger Kahn of Saginaw has proposed Senate Bills 404, 405 and 406 which would almost eliminate the planning strategies, including the use of Ladybird deeds,  …

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Michigan Medicaid Estate Recovery from Probate Assets

In general, for a Medicaid applicant to receive Medicaid benefits, the applicant must be very close to destitute having less than two thousand dollars ($2,000) and having an exemption for his or her homestead, automobile, and prepaid funeral expenses (within certain parameters).  Typically the homestead is the only real asset of value for the Medicaid recipient and therefore the …

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